Mother’s Day Brunch

Mothers are incredible--they give us life, care for us, nurture us, and get us ready for the world. Let's celebrate moms with a delicious brunch in the Ciao Thyme Commons. We will provide a 5-course brunch, family-style at the tables. Passionfruit mimosas and other beverages will be available for purchase. A peek at the menu:

Brunch Menu…

Breakfast nosh plate—Sliced prosciutto, brie en croute, warm almond stuffed dates, honey, apricot preserves and crostini 

Spring field green salad with sliced radishes, sugar snap peas, goat cheese and light shallot vinaigrette 

Sweet pea fritter with house-cured salmon lox and tarragon-preserved lemon aioli with fresh dill garnish

Porchetta hash—Ciao Thyme’s famous porchetta with local potatoes, Cascadia shiitake and oyster mushrooms and kale with Misty Meadow’s organic egg and purple kale chip garnish

Sweet roll—chocolate, rosemary and pistachio sweet roll with yogurt frosting

*At this meal, we will not be able to accommodate dairy or gluten allergies/dietary restrictions, thanks for your understanding, omissions may be possible.

*You may choose from our beverage, wine and beer list once you arrive. Additionally, you are welcome to bring your own wine; a $24 corkage fee will apply to each bottle. 

***There is special pricing for this event for children ages 11 and under who would prefer the kids buffet.  You will find options for adding young children (ages 11 & under) to the reservation when you click the scroll tab titled "click for kids" add the number of children below.  Here is the sticking point - Children can only be added if there is an adult reservations on the same order, however, and this is the important part - for some reason the system only wants one adult per any number of children to be registered.  So, add 1 adult, and the number of children, and add that to the cart.  Then go back to the brunch event and add the reaminaing number of adults (without kids) and add that reservation to your cart... it's so weird, we know, but it was the only way to get a seperate attendance for kids.  Thanks for the understanding - and if it's still acting funny, just call Jessica or Elian at 733.1267 and they will help you!  

The "Seats:" scroll tab is meant for adding adults to the reservation.  Let us know if you have any further questions or are in need of assistance!

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