Knife Skills

It’s time to master your knives! In this beginning course, you'll learn fundamental knife skills, including safety, knife mechanics and maintenance, and classical cutting techniques. Please bring your favorite chef’s knife from home for this hands-on class, or you may borrow one of ours.  Class participants receive a discount on knife purchases after class.

*Please bring your favorite chef’s knife from home for this hands-on class.

**Hands on class limited to 12 participants

***FYI—This is a hands-on class in which you will watch your instructor and then practice the skills learned. This class does not include a meal, so you may want to eat before coming to class. There will be a snack at the end using your cut vegetables. Knife Skills classes typically run for 2-3 hours. You may bring your favorite chef knife from home or borrow one from our kitchen. We look forward to hosting you for class!

****Pre-Paid Gratuity and Service Charge - To make our classes & dinners great, it takes a whole team of folks at Ciao Thyme, from dishwashers and cooks to maitre d’s and service staff.  Our in-house policy shares your pre-paid gratuities with all persons involved in your experience, based on their role and hours worked.

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