Hands-on Cheese-making and Pizza

We are excited to welcome Marisa Papetti to join our team for this hands-on class. She will teach you to make mozzarella and burrata cheeses. Mataio will teach you to make pizza dough and tomato-basil fresh sauce--so we have a canvas for our mozzarella! We will round it out with a grilled asparagus and burrata appetizer and a lemon and strawberry trifle with Anna.

***FYI—This is a hands-on class in which you will watch your instructor and then practice the skills learned to help prepare dishes. The class includes a full dinner’s worth of food, at the end of class. You may want to have a snack before class, since you won’t eat until the end. Hands-on classes typically run for 3-4 hours. We look forward to hosting you for class!

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