CT2Go Dinner Options for September 19th-22nd

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Friday, September 22nd at 1:51pm

Thank you for participating in our CT2Go ordering program!  Each week, we are happy to bring you a variety of scratch-made, locally sourced, fresh entrees made with love.  It's slow food meets easy prep for those at home! Please make note of dish availability.  Also, please note that our large dishes serve 4-6 people while small (half-size) pans serve 2-3 unless otherwise noted. Walk-in or call in an order! 360-733-1267.

Here's what's in the cooler (freezer items available on-site at the cafe). A 8% service charge applies to all online orders.  

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    Please call us at 360.733.1267 for availability.

    Lamb Moussaka (Large Glass Pan)

    Layers of Mornay sauce made with Parmigiano Reggiano and gruyère cheese, lamb bolognese, thinly sliced potato and eggplant, feta and roasted fennel.  GLUTEN FREE. CONTAINS DAIRY.

    Available starting Wednesday, September 20th,11 a.m.

  • $56.00 each × + $10.00 refundable dish deposit

    Shitake Moussaka (Large Glass Pan)

    Layers of Mornay sauce made with Parmigiano Reggiano and Gruyere cheese, shiitake mushrooms bolognese, thinly sliced potato and eggplant, feta and roasted fennel. GLUTEN FREE. CONTAINS DAIRY.

    Available starting Wednesday, September 20th, 11 a.m.

  • $48.00 Each × + $10.00 refundable dish deposit

    Chicken Cacciatore (Large Glass Pan)

    Seared organic chicken braised in a rich, tangy, lightly spiced sauce with roasted potatoes, eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, onion and red bell pepper. GLUTEN FREE. CONTAINS TRACE DAIRY.

    Available starting Tuesday September 19th, 11 a.m.

  • $18.00 per quart ×

    Loaded Potato Soup

    With white cheddar, russet potatoes, parsnips, onions, fennel and nitrate-free bacon. Gluten-Free. Contains Dairy & Pork.

    Available starting Tuesday, September 19th, 11 a.m.

At Ciao Thyme, we're always looking for ways to improve all we do – from our sustainable product choices to menu development, developing our crew's skill and practicing teamwork, we want to inspire you with excellent service, amazing flavors and a unique dining experience.

Following the lead of many other restaurants who are facing new Federal restrictions on employee compensation practices, state mandates for sick leave and increases in minimum wage, we are adding a service charge to take the place of a gratuity. Tips will no longer be accepted. Unlike tips, this service charge can be redistributed to every member of our team. It will help us raise our minimum wage and pay our crew members more equitably – from the servers and dishwashers to all our kitchen staff. The charge will also enable us to continue to provide health insurance benefits as well as paid sick leave.

We expect this step to improve service and quality, helping us attract and keep the best people who care about serving you well.

To learn more, please contact us at info@ciaothyme.com. We are grateful for your continued support--we aim to keep bringing you Ciao Thyme-quality food for years to come.

Mataio & Jessica Gillis

In the Freezer - September 19th-22nd


Grandma Judy’s Cumin Chicken  Enchiladas - Contains Gluten, Dairy and Chicken. $39

Pork and Hatch Chili Enchiladas -  Contains Gluten, Pork and Dairy. $44

Mahogany Chicken - Gluten Free. Contains Dairy.  $39

Eggplant Parmigiana - Gluten Free. Contains Dairy and Pork. $44

Vegetarian Eggplant Parmigiana - Gluten Free. Contains Dairy.  $44

Butter Chicken Pot Pie - Contains Gluten, Dairy and Chicken.  $39 (Gluten Free Available $43)


Chickpea Masala - Gluten Free, Vegan.  $18/qt

Mushroom Bolognese - Vegetarian. Gluten Free. Contains Dairy. $12/pint

Bacon - Contains Pork.  $13/pound

Marinara - Gluten Free. Contains Dairy. $12

Umbrian Sausage Marinara - Gluten Free. Contains Dairy and Pork. $12

Tomato Piquillo Soup -  Gluten and Free Dairy. $16