Surprise Party

A 60th Birthday Celebration

Spring is bursting with surprises! New plants pop up from the soil—surprise! The weather goes from snow to hail to sunshine in the space of ten minutes—surprise! Song birds start to wake us with their sweet tunes again—surprise!  So, spring birthdays are a natural fit for surprise parties. Surprise was the look on this birthday boy’s face when he saw a room full of family and friends that had all traveled to join him for his 60th birthday celebration at Ciao Thyme.

Birthdays come but once a year. You could say the same for some of our favorite fruits and vegetables.  As I was flipping through our photo archives, I found an image of a delectable asparagus dish from this surprise party.  Some of our other spring favorites made the menu too—fresh ricotta stuffed zucchini blossoms, sunchoke velouté, carrot and spring vegetable “risotto”, fresh croxetti pasta with lobster and lemon beurre blanc, and pavlova with local strawberries.  With spring just around the corner, our five-week window for asparagus is about to open—don’t miss your chance to throw a party!