Molly and Brandon

Fellow food-lovers!

After twelve years in the catering business we are self-proclaimed food snobs.  It’s hard not to be when you are surrounded by food all day, seek out great restaurants in your free time and generally read about, think about and eat food all the time.  Mataio and I are constantly trying to improve Ciao Thyme by adding more complexity to appetizers, more components to each menu item, utilizing multiple cooking modalities in each dish, and continuing to raise our own bar of excellence. We never wanted to be lumped in with the mainstream caterers that were known for stuffed mushrooms and baron of beef.  Our Ciao Thyme personals ad would read something like, “seeking fun-loving couples that find themselves at farmers markets often, love to linger over a great meal, are not afraid to experience new flavors, can enjoy an amazing slice of pizza or a six-course tasting menu equally, depending on the day, and demand more from catering than tired cliches.”

When Molly and Brandon came to meet with us, we knew we were among fellow food-lovers.  However, they were, at that point, untainted by the business of food (now they own Delancey Pizza in Seattle).  So, there was no ulterior motive when Molly asked for deviled eggs on her wedding menu.  She was not trying to trip us up, or see if we would fall into the trap of mediocre caterers everywhere.  No, she just wanted simple pleasures, well-prepared and elegantly presented.  We had never before considered making deviled eggs--too blinded by the image of 1960s potlucks and dime-a-dozen caterers to recognize their potential. 

Molly reminded us that comfort foods hold a valuable place in our subconscious, as they often evoke memories of meals shared with family and friends.  Which is the perfect reason to resurrect these old recipes for a wedding!  So, we figured if we could apply our self-imposed standards for great food to deviled eggs, we could change people’s perceptions of catering even while serving them the classics.  Beautiful, local, pullet eggs painstakingly peeled, egg yolks cooked to a golden yellow then passed through a fine mesh sieve before folding in house-made creme fraiche, Dijon mustard, and fresh herbs, caviar carefully laid, and a sprinkling of fleur de sel--voila! Deviled eggs the Ciao Thyme way.