Mica and Lars

All in the family!

Wedding catering is often a single-use service.  People come to us for this amazing once-in-a-lifetime event and we get the opportunity to be part of their lives for a day and their wedding memories for a lifetime.  It’s an honor to be let in to people’s most intimate moments.  Then, it’s sad to part ways knowing we may not see them again.  Sometimes though, we are lucky enough to get passed through the family!

When Mica contacted us, saying she remembered our incredible food from her cousin’s wedding several years earlier, and hoped we would consider coming to Seattle for her wedding, we were thrilled.  Mica’s cousin, Erin, and Erin’s husband Mike are now neighbors of ours.  (You can find a myriad of trikes and push vehicles that our boys have outgrown sitting in their front yard for Erin’s and Mike’s little guy, Avery.)  So, it’s all in the family!

My meeting with Mica and Lars lasted for several hours. It’s always a pleasure to meet with people who are passionate about food. Mica’s mom told stories about her family making hand-made pasta growing up and how she had continued the tradition. We started by chatting about  food and Mica’s Italian heritage and ended with how we could build a late fall wedding menu that would dazzle Lars’ family visiting from Norway. 

On the day of their wedding, we stood in one of our favorite Seattle venues, The Georgetown Ballroom, and hand rolled 800 ravioli.  We built three different pizzas to order and shared a bresaola appetizer we learned at a friend’s table in Italy several years earlier. Why? Because weddings should be about love--from the ceremony to the table!