Josh and Jenny

Inspired by South America

From the very beginning, Mataio and I knew we were not going to be the kind of caterers that offered three pre-set menus.  That would be too easy--definitely not our style!  Besides, what about seasonality, individual client’s styles and preferences and keeping it new and interesting for us? We have to be able to throw asparagus on the menu for the three-weeks in late spring while it’s in season.

We have always preferred to meet with our clients and build a custom menu to suit their individual event vision.  Over the years, this process has yielded a variety of responses from potential clients.  At its worst, we see clients who look at our portfolios like deer in headlights or argue with each other over whether the food should please their guests or please themselves.  At its best though, the menu discussion becomes an inspirational collaboration of ideas, flavors, favorite cuisines, and family traditions, that comes together in a creative menu that means something to the couple.

When I met with Josh and Jenny it was one of those stars-aligning sorts of meetings.  By the end of our two hour brainstorm the only problem was narrowing our list of ideas down to one theme for the wedding menu.  Ultimately, we chose to highlight some of their favorite flavor memories from their shared travels to South America.  They gave me some ideas of street foods they came across and I researched in cookbooks, magazines, restaurant menus and online to pull out some classic dishes that we could reinterpret with northwest ingredients for their amazing wedding at Carnation Farm. Thanks, Josh and Jenny, for the inspiration!