Erin and Mat

Eastern flavors for a West-Coast wedding

You know that great feeling when you meet people that you click with from the first meeting? Mat and Erin were those kind of clients.  They were in the wedding industry themselves as photographers.  They had seen it all, shooting weddings in New York, and they knew what they liked and didn’t like about weddings.  So, when it was their turn to plan their own perfect wedding it was about the people and the party!  Their vision involved color, delicious local foods, friends, family and laughter--with tons of photos of course!

The rehearsal dinner kicked it all off with a grand picnic that was a collage of pacific northwest favorites with a nod to Mat’s Polish heritage.  Mussels and frites, fried chicken with peach BBQ sauce and Polish dogs with all the fixins‘ were all served on the lawn while the self-serve photo booth clicked in the background.  This fun, casual event set the tone for a fabulous wedding weekend.   

The wedding theme was inspired by Erin’s recent trip to India and some favorite cookbooks.  Colorful fabrics, bright flowers, white lanterns, and a playful hint of Indian and Middle Eastern flavors on a summer menu of northwest ingredients, built a festive atmosphere.  Sumac, yellow curry, mint, orange blossom water, cardamom and cumin dressed up local beets, peaches, figs, greens, salmon and crab like a vibrant Indian Sari.  Then, handmade pies and tarts showcased the best of our seasonal fruits and rounded out the evenings offerings. 

We knew when Mat and Erin jumped in the photo booth with us at the end of the night that our relationship would continue.  We have since met up with Mat and Erin in NY a handful of times for some fabulous eating, drinking and merry-making.  Good food just brings people together.

We are thrilled to welcome their new daughter Oona into the world, we hope to share some soft food with her soon!